Tuesday, May 11, 2010

- Welcome Note -

Hi folks! I'm Vhallah! I'm just an ordinary silly boy in his early 20's from Indonesia with massive obsessions and passion in putting a simple yet silly thought on fashion and everything related to it. After a long long time sleepwalking in random nightmares and sweet dreams of fashion. I finally decided to build my perfect obsessive yet compulsive hideaway with this Blog.

Love it or hate it, care about it or act like you-don't- care about it, at the end of the day we've all surrounded with fashion. And yes, when it comes to fashion every single thing could turn into an endless deliberation (though you're extremely fall for it or completely nauseated by it). I hope this blog could give you a different perspective of fashion from a completely fashion outsider.

So, enough bragging and let journey begin, shall we?

- Mr. Vhallah -


Cri said... Best Blogger Tips

A boy in the fashion world with an amazing view about the fashion shows???? I must share your blog with my friend!

Have a lovely day,

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