Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Unexpected and Uncompromised

Have you ever go out to the mall with an enormous and sturdy intention to just hang out with your friends without spending any cash except for gas, parking ticket or a cup of coffee? But then all of a sudden the neat and nice plan changed along the journey, and when you realized you end up with paper bags on your hand, bills in your wallet and chirpy-yet-guilty feeling suffocating your breath? Okay I see some nods out there and that makes me feel better now, thanks. Anyway, my obsessive and uncompromised shopper side of me has taken me to Yongki Komaladi showroom last Saturday, in fact I wasn't intend to buy anything that day but just hang out with my friends. But (again) my good intention didn't last long enough to fight my presumptuous ego until I saw these sandals on the front display.

At first, when I saw the camel sandal I knew it was going to be a perfect sandal to walk on the beach while sipping Margarita, dancing hula-hula, having lunch at seaside cafe, or maybe enjoying sunset from hotel room patio. But then my 'sharp' and thirsty eyes took me to another sandal (the ivory one) that jogs my memory of Raf Simon sandals back in 2010, and as you can guess the beautiful-yet-strong temptation I felt before suddenly repeated and easily made me fall for both pairs to peacefully displayed on my shoe rack. Yes, I finally bought them both (ugh! I feel bad and ecstatic at the same time!). Thanks to the crowded showroom that made my friends couldn't wait for me any longer and forced me to step forward to the pretty cashier girl with a sleek pony tail and big smile on her face to swap my magic card before I had a chance to see another 'lusty' pairs. As I walked out the showroom, I realized that I didn't really have any plan for this summer. Bali, Lombok, Maldives and Raja Ampat suddenly appeared on my mind or perhaps if there's anyone out there who knows any beautiful beach and care enough to take me there. I promise I'll be nice.

Enjoy your summer days!

- Mr. Vhallah -

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Sabrina said... Best Blogger Tips

I know what you mean...I really try to resis is so hard ;)

oomph. said... Best Blogger Tips

i think we've all been in this boat before....and then a cute shoe comes along. it's ok to give in once in a while!


Outside Looking In said... Best Blogger Tips

It's always the shoes that get me too!! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog and for following! I'm following you back on GFC and bloglovin!

la vie quotidienne said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG love your sandals for me friend...AMAZING texture, please make a video using this =)

XOXO from Munich

La Vie Quotidienne

Alessandra said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for follow me!i follow you now dear! great blog!! :)
kiss kiss

kathy said... Best Blogger Tips

love these shoes!

Lyosha said... Best Blogger Tips

this sandles are great! no wonder you bought it. I lined these babies to my man - he's in lookout for something like this

Inside and Outside Blog

dimitri said... Best Blogger Tips

Your sandles are very pretty and i love this style. Perfect color.

Andie Willows said... Best Blogger Tips

till now i never went to just hang out to mall! i meant to go to just one store, and in the end i went to all of them. and of course i spend. but i'm not doing cards because i have to stay in control. :-)

xoxo, andie
Fashionista's Pick

Andie Willows said... Best Blogger Tips

oh, and i forgot to tell you - love your blog! following you on bloglovin and twitter!

Blog 101 said... Best Blogger Tips

Greattt stufff!!! So stylish would love to see a guy wearing1!!

Shelly {Quiet Luxury} said... Best Blogger Tips

Don't feel bad! I believe in treating yourself! ;)

Quiet Luxury

Punctuation Mark said... Best Blogger Tips

these are super cute!

El said... Best Blogger Tips

Just came across your blog and love it!
Following you on GFC and Bloglovin' :)

Chanelle said... Best Blogger Tips

This is one of those designs when quality is EVERYTHING. If it weren't beautiful leather, it wouldn't be a beautiful shoe. And I'm ok with that.

Dominika said... Best Blogger Tips

I definitely know what you're talking about, sometimes I just intend to buy one item and end up running around like crazy with a number of paper bags and end up with a huge guilt the next day... Your blog is really great, by the way, I love reading about fashion from a man's perspective!

Angela said... Best Blogger Tips

it's so interesting to read about fashion from a different point of view!'ve a new follower...

please, visit my blog so we can follow each other!


Lilli said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh those are so cute!:)

Mik said... Best Blogger Tips

The sandals are really, really cute. That was a good investment mister so don't you go feeling bad! too bad I am all the way in Germany, if I am ever in your neck of the woods, we have to do that beach trip together (I swear I won't be too "crazy fanatic") ha ha.


Pedro Korshi said... Best Blogger Tips

omg, sandals are always my favourite footwear in the spring, I love them!

FashionGeek said... Best Blogger Tips

those are kind of fierce! love them,
now following you, hope you can too!

Olga Kotsani said... Best Blogger Tips

Fantastic purchases! Well done! I know this feeling you described - you can never fight it!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! I now follow you and I hope you feel like following me back! xxx

FashionGeek said... Best Blogger Tips

aww thank you, your welcome anytime!
hope to see you on my blog soon.

bugwear said... Best Blogger Tips

Hola, Mr Vhallah!

Ihave nominated your lovely blog for a Sunshine Award!

There's a little bit of work involved, but I hope you have fun with it:

Bug @ Bugwear

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

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