Tuesday, February 21, 2012






Model: Ima
Makeup and Hair: Ima 
Styled and Photographed by: Me
Location: Kiara Payung Camp Site

It was a warm Sunday morning. I suddenly had an idea to take some pictures, so I texted my bestfriend Ima ask her if she wanted to join me. And here they are, a last-minute-prep shoot in the middle of camp site accompanied by bugs, mosquitoes and beautiful sound of Cicada. Enjoy! 

- Mr. Vhallah -


Cliff Tuna said... Best Blogger Tips

I really love the cape in the first photo, really wish to see the details though.. it looks so interesting! :)

Vhallah A. said... Best Blogger Tips

Will do next time..
Anyway, it's a faux fur (feels like mink, but still not sure). Just in case if you're wondering :)

Ms. Style Junkie said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice photos!


Marcella said... Best Blogger Tips

Some lovely portraits, love the zebra pants in the first shot!

Jaspe H. said... Best Blogger Tips

whouah love that cape, the poses, everything !

I found your blog via IFB, I really like your photographing style ;)

Feel free to follow me back at http://caramelboots.blogspot.com/ !


Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said... Best Blogger Tips

Great post, great photos
You said you were following me, but I can't see you on my followers list. Could you try again please? I'm following already!

print pants said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice photos! I love these!

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