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Erdem Fall - Winter 2012/2013


Erdem Fall - Winter 2012/2013
London fashion scenes never dissatisfy its adherents and protégés. Every season London has thrivingly offered us surprising shows by its impressive and captivating talents, and one of the ace talent who keep the ball rolling to give the audience jaw-dropping-moment heritage is Erdem Moralioglu. I've always describe the Canadian born designer masterpieces as Princess' and First Lady's must-have items. From Michelle Obama, Samantha Brown to Claudia Schiffer, his brilliant notion of floral and femininity successfully made a parade of the most influential women fallen in love. Okay, perhaps not only the royalty but everywoman who admire and obsessed with gorgeous dresses to hang up in their ostentatious closet.


The floral, intricate lace, princess silhouette, demure hemline, Keukeunhoff-trip-mood and soft aesthetic were the irresistible elements of his signature. All what princess and first-lady need were absolutely captured in his pieces. And for this season the Princess' best-loved designer took his imagination to a bit darker, strong and obscure mood of princess fairy tale that shackle the princess' happiness without taking away her grace, beauty and tenacity.

Latex was his new material he tried to incorporate with his delicate notion this season, his aspiration was to make every woman who would wear his dress feels strong, though it was slightly different from his previous effervescent Spring collection but how he made latex appearance looks congruous and sleek was the most intriguing part for this season and showed that he has an amazing craftsmanship. Erdem elegantly took a risk by using eccentric material to be incorporated with his floral, classy and ladylike silhouette. Fuschia tweed dress mixed with latex and embroidered lace was evidence that he certainly determined about saturating all the elements together. The soft and bold touch perfectly fabricated in a balance proportion. Erdem also took a chance by adding volume and 'boxiness', for instance, the tweed drop-waist pleated dress paired with matching tweed ankle boots though it was a bit peerless with the entire collection's silhouette but it still look polished and meticulous in Erdem's hand.


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When it comes to Erdem, I've always astounded by the dress, exquisite tailoring, 50's - 60's silhouette and sweet little detail, but there was something extraordinary this season besides the chartreuse, fuschia, blue and aqua color palette and also bug-alike embellishment on the lace that caught my attention. Yes, I'm talking about the shoes! I was amazed by daring and bold shoes by the uber-talented Nicholas Kirkwood . Chunky heels, ankle boots, classic pumps in iridescent tweed and floral motifs were the perfect pair to the magnificent dress. Erdem might not follow the cutting-edge trend, but with his commitment and determination it's undeniable he will gain more followers season by season. I'm sure.

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