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Francesco Scognamiglio Fall - Winter 2012/2013


Francesco Scognamiglio Fall - Winter 2012/2013
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Dark and enigmatic ambiance appeared perfectly without any distraction at Francesco Scognamiglio show. Accompanied by bloodcurdling piano instrument as the back sound, reminding me of 80's thriller movie where there was a lady walking down the alley in a low light, she just got back from work in downtown and all of a sudden she felt like being followed by a stranger. Perhaps her unhappy-and-psycho ex-boyfriend who still obsessed with his past relationship and then he came to decision to give the powerless lady his last mnemonic while carrying a knife in his sinful hand. Sounds full of anger, no? And the terror scene finally came to life when a model walked down the runway in a spotlight sporting black oversized coat while holding man leather briefcase. An impeccable completory to my horror imagination.

This season, Francesco Scognamiglio decided to befriend with geometric volume. It obviously showed on the pieces he reinvented. The pantsuits, coats and shirt dresses look sturdy and well-structured, moreover he picked black, grey and white as the main color accent. He also smartly executed his electrifying idea with leather. Leather pencil skirt with high slit and congruous hemline, a sexy and seductive piece but he managed it in a polished way. And also the pleated mini skirt paired with matching leather shirt which was also a striking and risqué look but he was successfully made it in lavish and classy way. Exquisite tailoring is definitely his strong suit, and gladly he's optimistically showing it every season.

Aside of his flirtatious and theatrical master stroke, in fact the most intriguing part of his collection was the button-down shirts, it was inviting to catch a glimpse of how he picked uncommon element like grapefruit and whales to be printed on the shirt and turned it into standout and lively piece. Even though when I first saw the grapefruit's I thought it was kidneys or lungs hanging down with extra frills on the shoulder and neck, moreover it came in peach which definitely emphasized the human organs impression. But the whales were on a different situation, especially when he decided to print them in cowboy-shirt style. The stiffness and manliness from cowboy-shirt slowly refined by the eccentric prints and light-weight fabric.

If you wonder about the dresses, Francesco certainly knew how to pleased his girls. Long-sleeved sheath, A-line silhouette and peplum were his vanity this season. The pleated detail crossing down the midriff on the sheath gave the dress a 3D effect to the silhouette and made it more modern. Along with the white box-pleated A-line dress and the metallic green peplum dress with oversized sleeve, he was successfully adorning the runway and proving his enthusiasm to flatter and enhance woman's silhouette, in fact with a slight contrast from his previous Spring collection. Once again Francesco triumphantly pursuing his razor-sharped, dramatic and well-structured signature and as a matter of fact he made me curious what kind of dramaturgy he's going to show us next season?

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Mik said... Best Blogger Tips

The first picture managed to get a loud gasp out of me, followed by a terrified gasp at your psycho imagination - LOL - but I love the cuts, the boldness of the collection, the silhouettes. Beautiful!


Savannah Krystine said... Best Blogger Tips

I enjoy your posts. Fashion is such a HUGE inspiration. I can not wait to see more! I am now following you.


METROX LOVES YOU the blog. said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, wow. We love your blog very much!! Totally inspiring!! Your runway review is just amazing. We just couldn't stop scrolling down to read more, and we're following you for sure! Hope you could drop by for our new blogpost sometime. ;) Can't wait for your next post!!

MLU the blog.

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