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Commuun Fall - Winter 2012/2013

Commuun Fall - Winter 2012/2013

Paris fashion week has started and fashion worshipers around the globe have already managed their time to catch a glimpse of the hysteria and all the shenanigans or perhaps cleared their entire week agenda just to witness the Parisian spellbinding talents. And just like any other fashion frenzy, I started my Paris journey with a Japanese label based in Paris named, Commuun. Actually Commuun has caught my attention since their Fall collection last year, in fact their first runway show was in Summer 2011 but their Fall was the most-clicked to my brain. A collection of volume, youthful, contemporary cut and intriguing sportswear that Kaito Hori and Iku Furudate has created, associated with black, white and blue palette successfully bring me to join their journey season by season. And for this season the Commuun's duo managed to recapture that notion again in more subtle and effeminate way than their previous collection.

This time the designers took the volume notion into a different way, particularly with the peplum tops and dresses. The designers showed that they have what it takes to create feminine silhouette with their exceptional perception and they did it skillfully, for instance, the peplum dress with 3 different type of fabrics and colors on every layer or the rich green box-pleated peplum top paired with slim-cut plaid pants. Somewhat, surprisingly Hori and Furudate also showed their tailoring skill by creating exquisite white jacket worn over black peplum top paired with matching double-layered pencil skirt or if it's not enough to satisfy your hunger of fashion look at the grey plaid flare pants and the herringbone's. Evidence their venture through 60's silhouette was a big journey they cannot dismiss from their mind. And to pave the way their idea, I think their decision to make a showroom presentation rather than a runway show was a good decision.

In some way, this collection was less volume-y and sporty than before, but the clean and elongate 60's silhouette, printed-cocoon dress, exquisite tailored jacket, pants and oversize mustard peacoat were a great trade. The sporty-look and sharp layered pieces slowly changed into cutting-edge and retail-friendly pieces. Don't get me wrong, it was a masterly refinement although a bit surprising at first glance. Proved that Hori and Furudate were concern about pleasing and fill the bill their clientele and I can see a lady behind the monitor looking busy checking airline schedule and plan to visit their upcoming store in Paris.

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i love when boy has blog about fashion :)
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very unique

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I love reading your posts and your insights into the different brands! Definitely following!


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