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Jonathan Saunders Spring 2013 Menswear Collection

There's an interesting phenomenon we have seen lately during men's fashion week, recently watching the designer's collection felt like we were visiting the magician's tent at the carnival. You didn't know what you were going to see and all you could do was sit there and wonder before the show started, but of course you were pretty sure something exciting will happen. It all seemed so exciting when designers try to open their instinct and viewpoints to develop menswear into something more than just wrapping the body. And one of the designers who dare to experiment and managed to attract my attention since his first menswear collection was Jonathan Saunders.

Jonathan Saunders is an expert when it comes to mixing prints and colors. And for his second collection, he presented an intriguingly bold collection of menswear. Ranging from knitwear, to the belted trench coat, to the double-breasted and even shorts — every piece of his collection looks classic and crisp at the same time but still has a distinctive touch of him. Although this was only his second season, but it was very intriguing looking at what Saunders has been done to his menswear line. His approach to pattern and color surprisingly as interesting as what he commonly applied to womenswear without losing sense of masculinity.

The scheme that Saunders did with a palette of blue, orange fire, natural beige, green and shades of gradation coupled with dot, pinstripes and rectangle is the keystone of this collection. For instance, the dot shirt with shades of blue to flame orange paired with a light blue cardigan with a black edge lines on both sides, matching straight-cut trousers and a pair of blue velvet shoes without a doubt create classic silhouettes seemed more modern.

Inspired by David Bowie, there are many things that can be easily liked by men in this collection. One of the most prominent was the cardigan with dot motif that came in blue and orange gradation effects, evidence that he's capable of reinventing basic pieces became more dynamic and playful. Or if you want to look more sporty and gallant, the plain green baseball jacket with raglan sleeves could be an option.

Saunders ability to converge all the elements together and turn them into one perfect balanced composition is undoubtedly prodigious. With models images and motifs illustrations he has made as backdrop at his presentation, he asserted his ability to combine textures, prints and colors gently without sounding too pushy, though of course there is always a drama and narrative in Saunders's prints but I believe it is a good one.

images via The Fashionisto

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Marika said... Best Blogger Tips

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dimitri said... Best Blogger Tips

It's a very interesting and stylish collection.
Love that red sweater and that blue cardigan. Great colors.

Sarah Stright said... Best Blogger Tips

I love all of the bright colors and patterns. I can't picture many guys I know wearing it, but it's definitely fun!

Estilo Hedónico said... Best Blogger Tips



Shelly { @ Quiet Luxury } said... Best Blogger Tips

You know, I've seen that colorful geometric print (first pic) before but didn't know who the designer was. LOVE the metallic detail on the shoes in the third pic. Great looks!

Quiet Luxury

Mik said... Best Blogger Tips

The colors and prints is what stands out for me. beautiful!


Outside Looking In said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, wow, I really love this collection! And I would totally wear the first sweater and trench coat myself! Nice post!

Bravoe Runway said... Best Blogger Tips

That pinstripe suit is really awesome! The colours are all amazing, and I have to say, I an envious of the shoes!

Katherine McAdoo said... Best Blogger Tips

i'm in love with that first cardigan and sweater set & the one with the green cardigan. the colors are so vibrant, and mixed with the classic cuts, i just love it!

Vale ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

The colorful cardigan on the first pic got me hooked, it's gorgeous ! I love this kind of colorful, fun fashion, very interesting !

Fashion and Cookies

Miss Caitlin S. said... Best Blogger Tips

oh fan-tas-tic, what amazing eye candy. I love the rich colors and his vision.

Vania Aprilia said... Best Blogger Tips

they're colorful but is just so over the top!

Pudding Monster

theM.A.D.creationist said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this geometric prints!!!



Punctuation Mark said... Best Blogger Tips

Great designs!

Mauro E. said... Best Blogger Tips

the use of colors and patterns is great. the collection is really well-focused. I like it, and I like your article and your blog! I'm following it!


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