Friday, June 8, 2012

Serenity Garden

Patachou Spring 2013 Collection

After took us to her oriental voyage accompanied by her whimsical Geisha last season, this season designer Erika Frade has planned to take us to one of her favorite place on earth, Monet Garden. A place where she could find her serenity and inspiration for Patachou latest collection. It's reasonable to say that all that soul-searching took Freda to a somewhat calmer and peaceful place. Yes, I can tell by looking at her color palette for Patachou Spring 2013 collection -from mint green to burgundy- were dominating her collection, which was a quite major transition from her last collection.

The risk-taking spirit of the designer infused the show with seducing and joyous feeling right after her first girl walked down the runway, a deep-plunge paneled camisole with unfinished seam at the bottom paired with microbeads embellished beige flare pants, gave a serious statement in relaxed way through its feminine silhouette. After that, the playful and sweet pieces kept coming; paneled shirt blouse, cream layered sheer dress and burgundy harem pants in various length. Mostly they came in airy fabric and placidity palette, trully showed that Frade's latest trip was a peaceful journey.

Frade has a good skill to recreate lightweight fabric and simple silhouette into more than just understandable pieces to put on. She thoughtfully added small details on every piece without changing the narration, for instance the belted V neck chiffon blouse with pleated detail that looked like it was glued to the model's body, but wait until you see the beading detail on the back, the water-drop-shaped beading pattern attached to the dress, proved that she was carefully thought about every single detail.

The trompe l'oeil flapper dress that closed the show was one of the most standouts. This dress has sort of intriguing sense of looseness and classic that somehow making this dress palatable for modern daywear especially when it was paired with beautiful beaded bracelet and necklace. Long story short, Frade managed to told us her beautiful hideaway and I couldn't wait where she is going to travel next season.

Images via Fashion Forward

-Mr. Vhallah- 


Shelly { @ Quiet Luxury } said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW - the intricate attention to detail is amazing. Those necklines on the second and third pic are pretty cool.

Mik said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your eye for detailing, and the cuff!! The first dresses looked pixalated had to look twice, must be the most interesting thing I have seen in forever! Great review!!


Bravoe Runway said... Best Blogger Tips

These are gorgeous designs! I especially love the strands of sequins on the cuff! Excellent narration Mr. Vhallah :)

theM.A.D.creationist said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the colors!


Joshua Christian said... Best Blogger Tips

I am STUNNED by the cut of the blouse & dress in the very second + third photos (first row pics).

Thrifted Shift said... Best Blogger Tips

These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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