Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daniel Andresen Fall - Winter 2012/2013


I always find that man in layered or bold structured outfit is a risk taker. Asymmetric shape, oversize outfit, zipper-y detail, sharp tailored and all those what-people-called edgy, not every man could pull this type of look impeccably and sure about what he's wearing. No matter how risky it is, it has always been something I'm obsessed with. Furthermore, after I saw Daniel Andresen collection for Fall-Winter 2012-2013 that keeps my wild mind trip steadily.

After he graduated from the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts, awarded the Flanders Fashion Institute's grand prize in his final year, worked in Haider Ackermann's studio and also worked with Hilde Frunt. He finally decided to launch his own label in January 2010.


Unlike his Summer-Spring collection where he tried to create layered pieces in more delicate and dainty way, this season he created a modern, leading-edge and vigorous collection in subtle way, although still with the layered notion from last season, but for this collection he took a risk by exploiting heavier fabric and add some volume to his pieces. He surely knows how to push men's fashion extremity with his cutting-edge pieces without trying to steal the spotlight too much.

We can see that from looking at the oversized collar bomber jacket, asymmetrical jacket with zipper detail on one side, a long coat with a touch of manliness, asymmetric cape with zipper lining as the detail or maybe cardigan with additional collar detail that actualize an incomplex but extraordinary layer.


Images Courtesy of Daniel Andresen

Every pieces we've seen are in muted color palette that make all the astonishing portion more civilized and not overdone. What an intriguing proportion. A collection that whoever wearing it will get a bigger chance to make street style photographers point their lense and big ring flash on you.

Andresen obviously infused novelty into his exquisite tailoring. He made the extraordinary structured silhouette more captivating and challenging at the same time without taking away the tough manhood side, just like his philosophy of fashion.

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