Friday, February 10, 2012

Rachel Comey Fall - Winter 2012/2013


As the fashion week started yesterday, New York streets are getting busier and tireless than ever, Starbucks selling point is on its highest point, people in eccentric and outrageous outfit easily seen everywhere. Yes, fashion week always has its own pace and absurdity and I began this 'sacred' week with Rachel Comey Fall 2012-2013 show.

Modern, minimalism but still chic is the best way to describe this collection. As the show was opened with black boxy and polished top paired with black knee-length skirt, looks pretty simple and modest for an opening but the sharp and exclusive material made it uncommon and still has its own sting. Then after several first looks, I found eye-catching woman-printed skirt paired with white tops with black line underneath the arm as the detail. Then moved to oversize coat in orange as one of the bombshell for the show.

Comey obviously take this collection to the different nuance with her Spring collection. I still remember color blocked, soft palette and printed pieces that strolling down the runway for her Spring collection and for this Fall collection the 60's silhouette seemed to be more toned down, less printed, but more into structured and experimental in fabric choices and the way she use it (yes, I was amazed with the laser cut pieces!). It is a smart and brilliant idea to bring her quirky signature design into more contemporary era when actually women are so into minimalism these days.

  Image Courtesy of Fashionologie

Comey's Fall 2012 collection seems to be an approval to minimalist devotee, parade of LBDs as the closure really made the statement more vivid and even more enticing for some women out there in the corner waiting for the collection to hit the racks.

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