Friday, June 1, 2012

The Multifaceted Koinonia

Coinonia Fall - Winter 2012/2013 Campaign

'Strong' and 'Versatile' were two words that came across my mind when I lay my eyes on Momoko and Kiho's label, Coinonia. Coinonia is a Seoul based fashion label with a vigorous retrospect of luxurious urban womanswear created by ingenuous duo Momoko Hashigami and Kiho Kim. Momoko Hashigami is a graduate of Central St Martin from the women's fashion department, while Kiho Kim graduated from Polimoda in Florence. After graduating, they both met while working at Antonio Marras in Italy to gained more knowledge and acquaintance in the industry. And in 2010, they both came up with an idea to create their own label and decided to establish Coinonia, which inspired by the Greek concept of "Koinonia" – sharing, relationship, and communication.

Coinonia's first collection was launched in Paris during Fall 2010/2011 fashion week and it didn't take everybody a long time to fall in love with this label. The contempo and dynamic approach easily won fashion devotee's heart. The razor sharp cutting, architectural inspired shape, and thought-provoking mixture of elements are definitely their forte. And for the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, Coinonia successfully satisfied its fans hunger with their bold jackets, layered outerwear, chunky knitwear and multi-panel shirtdress. The duo managed to create masculine pieces more endearing and subtle with some touch of drapes and feminine silhouette.

Featuring fabrication in leather, wool, sheer, knit and lame, this collection presents interesting contrast of layers, textures and intricate detail. I love the way Momoko and Kiho play with contrast idea as the main concept, for instance how they executed the transparency and mixture of soft and polished fabric texture together is unmistakably fascinating. It's amazing to see simple silhouette pieces look more sophisticated in their savvy hands. The way the garment wrapped the body also creating another narration, the fabric fell perfectly on the body, perhaps it's because they created the pieces straight from mannequin that provide real woman body approach, for instance the sheer mini dress with beaded black rope detail covering the bodice -and the longer version for the nightwear. It has daintiness and sort of ambitiousness on it -the rounding black rope that leads to the sheer absolutely the point of interest of the entire dress- although it might have been the simplest about the collection, but it was also the best to spread the buzz.

Images Courtesy of Coinonia

-Mr. Vhallah-


Bravoe Runway said... Best Blogger Tips

This is definitely my style. We're seeing the shift from colour to neutrals...and it is quite early but in all of my June magazines, white and black, and all black ensembles were everywhere. What an amazing designer!

Joshua Christian said... Best Blogger Tips

holy grief, they make really really great heels!

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