Monday, February 13, 2012

Christian Cota Fall - Winter 2012/2013


Rich and Optimistic. There's no preferable word to interpret Christian Cota Fall collection that took Mexican and Aztec motif and prints into a new level. He reportedly did a collaboration with Mexican artist, and as you can see the Mexican vibe felt so irrefutable in his 17 masterstrokes. I must admit that I was quite fastidious when it came to wore printed clothes but after I looked at his master works, he made me want to rushed to the fabric market or vintage market downtown.

He put all the prints and embroidery in subtle and ingenious way. Embroidered neckline with draped sheer crossed around the waist to the back, long-sleeved dress paired with embroidred fun fur vest, embroidered tube dress blended with mustard chiffon layered down the dress and the one shoulder dress with aztec print, floral and the mysterious effect from the see-through evidence that he was not just experimenting with print and embroidery but also with texture and choices of material. The autumn-meet-dessert palette really made the pieces standout themself without making people who wanted to see them frown their eyes. The leather was also making an appearance, an intriguing and rich-textured leather jacket was my favorite, paired with non-matched printed pants when you noticing one-by-one but ridiculously gorgeous when he twist them into a pair of pants.


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He was also playing around with tapestry. The homey, grandma's-country-house, breezy-air mood from tapestry was something I rarely seen and it was a memorable moment to saw it coming back even just for a while. It was a balancing and heartwarming collection.

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