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Cushnie et Ochs Fall - Winter 2012/2013

The Skin I Live In. Pedro Aldomovar's latter movie that everyone have been talking about during the award season was Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs allusion for their Fall collection. Starred by the handsome latino Antonio Banderas as Dr. Ledgard, an obsessive plastic surgeon who has been haunted by her long lost wife and his dark obsession flourishingly made the provocative dress specialist decide to do some surgeon labor on the fabric to create enchanting dresses.

There were cut-outs here and there. Mostly in the unexpected shapes and places. How about cut-out on the middle of cleavage? Sounds seductive and fierce at the same time or maybe eye-brow-shaped cut-out above the breast? So intriguing, no? The magnetic duo made those unexpected cut-out still congruous by possessing the silhouette simple and flattering, longer hemline and fascinating bold color. It's all about black, navy blue, emerald green, silver and a little touch of ivory that successfully made the entire collection more seductive.


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The navy blue faux fur embroidered leather jacket paired with PVC legging, silver dress with daring cut-out detail on the front is another jaw-dropping piece on the runway. In addition to the sensuous dresses, the doublet also used zipper and shiny silver applique as detail for their collection. The zipper toughen the bodycon silhoutte, though frankly speaking the zipper detail on the leather bodycon looks slightly overporwering but when you look at the zipper lining on the ivory cut-out bodycon then you'll realized that the duo are on their way to become the aces on how to make women look voluptuous and sleek in the future. Time will tell.

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