Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rachel Zoe Fall - Winter 2012/2013


It was all about exquisite tailoring for Rachel Zoe Fall Collection. Even though she was still a newcomer in fashion week, but she unmistakably knew how to indulge the army and seemed like the army were all agreed with here. She essentially already built her clientele long before her debut on fashion week. Her previous blossoming career as fashion stylist-turned-TV personality has gain her popularity and she did not splurge her time, she took a chance to expand. Sounds obsessive? No. I called it Smart (yes, with capital S) and based on this collection, she deserves all the 'Major Bananas'.



If you watched her TV show , you would say that this collection definitely what Zoe was obsessed with. Faux fur coat, faux fur collar, tailored suitpants, flowing and ethereal blouse, leather top and pants not to forget the Karacul to complete the 70's ambiance. The color palette also brought the collection more appealing. Black, grey, white, cool blue with a little neon pink, made the entire pieces more vigorous.


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When I looked at collection, there was another thing I couldn't forget. Yes, we're talking about the shoes, the audacious over-the-knee boots and the lace-ups. I could imagine independent , modern and daring woman wearing all Zoe's collection. An attorney maybe? Or another Rachel Zoe who never stop figure out and tired to make her 'Major' idea become reality.

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Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful designs!!

Madd said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. :)
I love all of those outfits!
They look gorgeus! ♥

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