Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thakoon Fall - Winter 2012/2013


Thakoon show yesterday was one of surprising show during fashion. If you remember this inventive fashion designer previous collection which he created mini dress with modernized silhouette and cutting-edge touch where he also did some experiment with tweed and wool but what I saw yesterday was completely opposite. I saw magenta, orange, black, gradation and weaves. A little black dress with weave detail was the headliner for me. The weaving pattern reminds me of my holiday back in the 90's (yes, it was long ago) where my parents took me to South Beach. We rent a room close to the beach and there was a set of weaved furniture just like what Thakoon applied to his dresses. The weave was strong enough to hold my weight but tends to itchy if you lay down there too long, but it was intriguing when you saw it from a close distance. He also did it too on the back of a camel boxy coat with purple leopard coat. Thakoon revive my silly-billy childhood memory on that weave pieces.


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The silhouette he presented was classic with a little volume addition on the waist to create a curvaceous silhouette. Another the eye-catchy piece yesterday was the wrap dress with low cut neckline and peacock-alike printed on the bottom in orange-fire gradation. I can see Zoe Saldana wear it to a premier looking fearless. It was an optimistic collection from Mr. Panichgul where he definitely put his sensuality idea to create flirtatious pieces and I just can't wait for another surprise from him next season. Big surprise.

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