Sunday, February 12, 2012

Doo.Ri Fall - Winter 2012/2013


What were the first two words that came across your mind when you heard "Doo.Ri"? Is it "Drape"? "Sophisticated" ? Or maybe "Luxurious Fabric"? If it's one of them then we're on the same page adoring Doo-Ri Chung did all her magical things as she found her way to discover fascinating and sophisticated clothes for every woman in this world so they could feel so glorified to be born in this 'lavish' world. And for this season, she continued her journey to a fantasy "Drapery" land.

The journey begin with nude palette look, draping top spiraled up-to-the neck with wool sleeves paired with loose tailored pants completing the look with the pull-back hair to give the modern look more sophisticated. What a gentle look for an opening.


Images Courtesy of Go Runway

Texture, fabric and silhouette are Chung's best friends along her dreamy journey. She enjoyed playing with shearling, leather, suede and even parachute. She made those random mixture fabric look elegant with exquisite tailoring. Leather draped dress with cashmere bodice and shearling jacket paired with draped skirt pulled on both sides are evidences to her commitment.

One thing that beyond my expectation is the laser cut pieces. Evidence that she could push herself from her 'draped-zone' to something more unabashed and cutting-edge although it's a little bit inharmonic from the entire collection, but it's just a small thing that would not give massive influence to the entire collection.

Some people might think that she created repetitive pieces season by season, but then I asked myself "Why should she stop doing what she did the best and then creating something extremely different just to satisfy some people with irresponsible challenge?". Do I want another drape and muted collection from Doo.Ri for next season? The answer obviously stated from a big smile and hopeful stare on my face.

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