Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kelly Weastler Fall - Winter 2012/2013

KW1 FW12

Cutting-edge and youthful with a touch of sweetness. Kelly Weastler Fall 2012/2013 Collection has succeed to make youngster out there scream so loud as they found their new delirium by looking at her collection. Leather biker jacket paired with patterned legging? Kind of look that you can easily find on style blogger's blog everywhere across the Blogosphere.

Kelly Weastler seemed to catch the 'blogger' phenomenon and try to reinvent the shape and texture into more standout pieces instead of extending the slouchy and Perfecto look from her past pre fall collection and make this collection not just as ordinary style blogger must-have items but much more than that. She played with the textures, shape and patterns. Nice fitted fur jacket in two tone color, pink bodycon dress, acid washed denim jacket, or maybe knee-length skirt with big eyelet detail sounds promising to win youngsters' tenderness and credit card.

KW2 FW12

Image Courtesy of Kelly Weastler

If the fur jacket sounds too audacious and dauntless, Wearstler also add the feminine facet to her collection as the counterbalance. Copper-brown blouse, denim skirt, punched-hole skirt, pinkish shirt and 60's silhouette turquoise dress are absolutely excellent pieces to sweeten the entire collection. Proved that she didn't lost her sweetness signature as she was known from her debut last year. So, are you ready for another scream next season?


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